Westside Discs - Shield - VIP

  • 1499

Westside states this about the Shield:
A stable putter with a straight flight and minimal, but dependable, fade.

Speed: 3

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 1

Disc golf players use brands like Innova, Discraft, Dynamic disc, Latitude 63, Prodigy disc, Westside disc, Salient disc, Legacy disc, MVP, Axiom, Millennium, and Gateway discs. These add a variety of putt and approach, Midrange, fairway drivers and Distance drivers for the golfer to use. There are also bags offered by some of the same companies as well as Fade Gear. You can go to the PDGA web site for rules and directions on the game. Disc golf baskets are also available! Different throwing techniques are called Hyzer, Anhyzer or anny, Hyzer flip, S-turn, or flat. These use Undertable, Stable, or overstable discs to provide certain flight pattern and techniques. Wind also plays into the game as knowing how hard and what direction it is going. When throwing with the wind is it best to disc down to a slower speed disc, or one that has a lot of turn, to make up for the disc lack of wind to carry it. When throwing into the wind it is best to disc up or use a more stable to overstable disc to help fight the wind.

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