Axiom Disc - Clash - Proton

  • 1299
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The Clash is a straight-overstable fairway driver.

Best Choice for: Slight to moderate headwind drives, spike hyzers, S shot drives.

Axiom Discs says this about the Clash: The Clash is a unique line-shaping complement to the Crave, built to open up more lines on the fairway. Wherever the Crave is too straight, or doesn’t fade enough, the Clash picks up and shines. High-power throws will activate a greater turning phase than Crave to shape lines; however at any power level the Clash will fade more than the Crave. This yields a responsive and range-able fairway driver.

The defining characteristic of the Clash is its flex flight. At high power or with a headwind, the Clash will flip up and/or track over more than the Crave. In its finishing stage of flight the Clash will fade harder than Crave.

This controlled line deviation or “s-curve” allows thrower-shaped lines through tough fairways or hazards, with a guaranteed fade for precise range and placement. It is best suited to a wide variety of shots where a straight line is risky or unavailable.

Speed: 6

Glide: 4

Turn: -1

Fade: 3

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